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Waterford’s Viking Triangle


Planning/Tourism Planning


Fáilte Ireland/Viking Triangle Trust Company Ltd.




Waterford, Ireland


The primary objective of the assignment was to facilitate the implementation of the Interpretation Plan for the Viking Triangle through to the opening of the Medieval Museum in summer 2012. The facilitator worked with an Implementation Team comprising representatives of Waterford City Council, Fáilte Ireland, Viking Triangle Trust Ltd. and a number of industry stakeholders. The independent facilitator’s goal was to ensure the successful implementation of the Interpretation Plan. The scope encompassed the following elements: animation, interpretation, communication and stakeholder engagement, public realm interventions and longer term management plan. The project involved a number of components that were combined to create a fully integrated visitor experience. The components include public realm improvements; the development of three museums; the opening to the public of existing national monuments; the development of walking experiences; the assembly and regeneration of substantial property by Waterford Council. The team included Mitchell & Associates and Richards Dee.


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